0. Introduction

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0. Introduction


The Product Design Handbook is a practical guide that reflects how we work as a team in an agile way, adapting to the customer and ensuring the quality of our products. This project was born out of the need to create an explanatory document for future members of our studio and is made public, thanks to our spirit of complete open disclosure and the desire to contribute to the community. Our objective for this project is to improve, systematize, unify internal processes and make our work methodology as transparent as possible.
We structured this handbook by going over the general themes first and from there, divulging into the more specific. The idea is to provide one, with a simple, yet solid, intro to the subject matter with an overview of the process and our organization.
We have separated the general process from the tools we use in our daily work rhythms. This is due to their changing nature. Tools can be changed, forgotten and learned. We believe that in this profession the most important thing is our applied methodology that includes a cultural rich foundation in technical and aesthetic references as well as solid training in design.


This document should be understood more as a conversation than as a manual. It does not pretend to be a paradigm of anything, but a reflection and documentation of the process we follow in the studio. It is a basic guide for anyone who is going to join the studio or with whom we are going to work on a specific project.
We believe that the best way to use it is by making it yours and assimilating those parts that are applicable to your workflow. This is not intended to be exhaustive nor does it delve into all the techniques. You will find that some parts are well defined and others that merely skim the surface. For every process, there are specific steps, but for every step there is no exact tool to complete them. It is a creative process and, as such, there is always room for you to leave your special input.

About Mendesaltaren

We are a digital product design studio. We co-found and help launch products and companies through strategy and design. We are the perfect link between the product and the business.
We believe in doing good work. We believe that timeless beauty comes from its utility. We believe in theories and objects with meaning. We believe in the value of concepts and art, in that every project needs a soul. Above all, we believe in honesty: we put our clients and their customers at the center of every decision we make.
Effort, devotion, dedication, and glory.

How to collaborate with this project

We are always open to suggestions on how to improve our content. If you have any, you can open an issue on GitHub and we will be happy to review it. To open it you just have to be registered on GitHub and click on the "Edit in GitHub" button of the page you want to edit.
Another way to help us with this initiative is to create a fork and send us a pull request to solve any error you find or add a resource or information.
If you find this process too tedious, you can always send us an email to [email protected] with your suggestions.
Any kind of input is always welcome.
Companies and academic centers that use our Product Design Handbook as a reference: ZARA, GOI, Chicfy, C14/SEAT, Packlink, European University, Playtomic among others...
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