We use Marvel for rapid prototyping. It allows us to test and share our prototypes with ease.
To use Marvel directly from Sketch it is necessary to install this plugin.
To organize projects in Marvel we use the following naming system:
[Project id][Project name][File id][file type][Platform]_[Variation]
  • The platform field is optional. It helps us to determine whether the content of the project pertains to a web project (desktop or mobile) or an app (iOS or Android).
  • The variation field is optional. It serves to specify that it is going to be tested in a user flow.
For example, if a prototype is going to be tested at the navigation level, our project Fastti should be named like this:
Project id → 18 Project name → FASTTI File id → 03 File Type → UX Platform → Web-Desktop Variation → Navigation
✏️ To learn more about how our team is organized and how we name our files, please refer to our section on 1. How we organize ourselves.
Last modified 3yr ago