Notion is the preferred documentation tool used at our studio. Notion documents both the internal organization of the team and the organization of projects. That is why we divide our site into two main pages, Team Home and Projects.
Team Home contains all the documentation related to the management of our team members and other valuable resources for our day-to-day work in the studio.
The Projects page lists both old projects and projects that are being currently being carried out. This allows us to have all our projects and their available resources documented in one place.

1. Organization of a project

Every project has its own page. We believe it is important that it follows a specific template so that all projects contain the same information, and any member of the team can easily find what they are looking for.
Our projects contain:
  • A link to Asana In Asana you manage the tasks and the project roadmap.
  • Project managers Names of the people involved and their role in the project.
  • Deadlines Start date and end date of the project.
  • Important links The link to Dropbox is essential, as it is where you will find all the folders that contain the deliverables and resources needed for the project. Each project requires different links. Our objective here to ensure that all the important and necessary links for the project are in one place, and can be easily found.
  • Goals This section will detail the objectives of the project so that the whole team knows its intended direction, expected results and final objective for the project.
✏️ Project objectives are defined with the client at the start of a project. You can learn more about our process at 2. Process.****
  • Services
    The services of each project are also agreed upon with the client at the beginning of the process, in the proposal. These can be revised throughout the project, adding new ones or removing existing ones, depending on the project's progress.
    Examples of services would be:
    • Branding
    • Wireframing
    • UX UI
    • Design system
    • Low-level prototyping
    • Detailed prototyping of its interactions
    • Meetings
    Every meeting that takes place throughout the project is documented. This allows us to refer to it when necessary.
    To document a meeting, we have a template. Depending on how the meeting evolves, additional information may be included.
This is the template we use in the studio to document meetings
Having the projects follow this structure in Notion allows us to have the projects documented in a straightforward way with its resources in a centralized location.
This is the template we use in the studio to document each project
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